The New Neutrals: 15 Nail Polish Shades To Wear At The Office This Fall

After more than a year of working from home as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many of us are headed back into physical offices. As you trade in your cozy sweatpants for more office-appropriate attire and dust off your makeup bag, you may want to consider making a fresh manicure part of your professional wardrobe (if it isn’t already).

We had our fun wearing neon nail polishes this summer, but as we head back to the office we have our eye on more muted neutral shades. This isn’t to say you need to stop wearing blue or green nail polish. On the contrary, there are plenty of new neutrals that are perfectly suitable for an office setting. “Neutral shades can definitely go beyond basic and I am really loving neutral blues, which are absolutely perfect to wear all year round,” nail influencer Lauren Phelps told HuffPost.

Nail influencer Kelli Marissa is into taupes and gray neutrals. “Light gray is such an overlooked color but it works really well on the nails, and it pairs nicely with almost any color,” she said. “For people who are hesitant to jump straight into gray, taupe nail polishes have a nice balance of nude and gray.”

Here are our top picks for classic and new neutrals to wear at the office this fall and beyond.

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